Saturday, November 15, 2014

Home Journey    8"x5"mono print


  Variety is the spice of life, and this has been, for me, an informing truth in all my art expression.  Or you might just say…… I have a short attention span.   It seems that I just get something figured out and i am impelled to go on to something else…  This quirk shows itself to be an ally in the monoprint and monotype process.
So many things in our lives tend to evolve into something repetitive,  ponderous and not fun.  Variety helps remedy this.  Easing up helps…… Appreciating and learning to go with the flow helps…… And getting quiet and focussed enough to be truly in the present moment really helps.  This is what has inspired the mono prints I have been working with lately.  Variety, that's the easy part.

If you are not understanding the imagery in the prints, that’s ok; the image isn’t the message!……I did not set out to understand what they mean but only to release the urge to copy anything (even nature) and let the prints evolve and resolve themselves (and myself) according to intuited and chance stages.  Finding the meaning is really up to you.
The more you work with a plate the more refined and complex the harmonies and surprises become.  Comfort with ambiguity and change, thats what I’m after. 
I hope this work (play ) entertains and gratifies  you……it does this for me!

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  1. Well, I figure that blue square is the glow of the creative spirit emanating from your studio.... : )