Sunday, November 16, 2014

Placid    8x5 Monoprint
  This idea was very productive with many unusual resolutions.  I will use this matrix, or parts of it, in future prints.       The figure at the bottom is clearer in most of the series,  but they all seem to be dealing with opening to awareness, wholeness (circles) or Light.  This print is full of imperfections but these, in some way, add to the loose and subtle harmonies of color and symbol.   I will attach below a little description of my process on the press.

 my process on the press…..bob phinney

invention and trial, two of the many qualities of the mono-print process.  Sometimes a printing run will be disastrous, ruining a promising print, another print might just never resolve, but then there are those that so surprise you with subtlety, texture and unexpected coherence that they carry you along to the next happy discovery.

I’ve used plexiglass and an embossed (engraved) cardboard plate on many of these prints.  A layer or layers of ink are then rolled on.  The ink viscosity differences allow for inking multi-colored layers before printing.  A second run off a printed plate gives a “ghost” image.  Layering these ghosts builds up the amazing subtlety and texture. A third ghost done on a stencil paper allows you to cut stencils for the next rolled-up plate or serve as masks for further color areas.  Plates can also be cut from this inexpensive cardboard, inked and arranged on top of a larger inked plate.  This produces a halo around each cut out shape.  There a myriad other techniques to be discovered in the process of developing your ideas.

I still love working in nature with pencil or brush, but i’ve gotten the feeling I’m trying to push her into a corner.  Mono-printing is like stepping into the stream….ironic, this flow issuing from such a rudimentary machine.

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