Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cloud and Trigram    12"x9" Monotype
 Unlike my more recent monoprints, this was done on a plexiglass plate.  Having no "matrix" or engraved plate that would produce a continuous quality or character through a print series, this is properly called a monotype.  (aficionados please comment here!)
 A trigram is a Chinese symbol made up of three lines, either broken (yin) or unbroken (yang).  The second (from the bottom ) is a yin  line  The third line  here is yet ambiguous and appears to be in the process of change.  The eye shape might suggest consciousness, the circle motives suggests both unity and separateness, Movement is indicated by the cloudy shapes above.... I could go on but I'm getting that uncomfortable feeling you get in most Art History classes.  This is one of my favorite attempts at following shape and color toward an idea.  You can see; I'm still having fun with it.

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  1. Are these the thoughts you have while making the print, even if not fully formed, or does these ideas come after, while you are looking at the final print?